Swim Season in a Pandemic

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

Although at times our West Boca Bulls swimming team might have faced adversity throughout this season, they fought hard and brought something to show for it.

Fortunately, our swimming team (and all sports teams in general) seasons have been shortened and altered rather than cancelled like many other counties throughout the country have. With the shortened schedule, our boys’ and girls’ swimming teams both swam in only four swim meets which is much less than a regular season. 


After the four initial swim meets were completed, the boys’ and girls’ swimming teams both moved on to the county championships where they competed against many other schools within Palm Beach County. At the tournament Michael Fernandez took on two separate individual events (one being the 50 Freestyle and the other being the 100 breaststroke) and won them both. 


As for the big event, which is the boys and girls 200 relay, our West Boca Bulls brought home a medal. The boys relay team which consisted of: Jacob Schiff, Tesla Radulovic, Marcelo De La Cruz, and Michael Fernandez, brought home the Bronze medal from the county championship. The girls relay team at the country championships was made up of: Lauren Dudley, Allison Power, Nicole Monlevade, Paige Gelenski brought the Bulls a second Bronze medal with an impressive 3rd place finish. 


Unfortunately not everything was in our swim team’s favor. Similar to how the year 2020 has been going, the swim team was met with yet another surprise. Palm Beach County announced that none of the qualifying schools will be able to travel to state championships due to Covid-19 concerns. Although  our boys’ and girls’ swim team was not able to attend state championships this year, they still ended the season on a positive note by finishing 3rd in both boys’ and girls’ relays with Michael Fernandez winning two individual events. 


Overall, we must root for all of our athletic teams to play their seasons and do so carefully.