New Job? Here I come!


Arnella Zaichik, Reporter

     You! Yeah, you over there! Are you looking for a new job? Have you ever considered what it’s like working in retail and the behind-the-scenes of it all? I got you covered, I myself worked at Pacsun and have some interesting experiences and information to share with you. Like most job experiences, retail can be exciting due to the interesting tasks that have to be done while working. However, I am here to discuss in-depth information that most individuals don’t know before going into the retail industry. 

   Overall, my friends and I all truly enjoyed working in the retail business for some time, for us specifically working at PacSun regardless of the below-mentioned uncomfortable moments. This experience brought numerous memories, especially remembering the hilarious moments of us all competing against each other to work as the cashier for the store even though I was always placed as the cashier. If you’re looking for a job and land the job at a clothing store then keep in mind that an abundance of constant folding will be done. Not only that but experiencing stealing right in front of your eyes will be another constant. I have numerous stories of seeing individuals try to steal and me trying to stop them, starting with stacks of shirts stolen, to groups of people bringing in huge tote bags stuffing clothes in, but we were all experienced enough to notice all of these red flags and warn our managers or try to stop them ourselves.

      For most job opportunities you get interviewed and then wait a couple of days to hear back if you got the job or not. For PacSun, I went through an hour-long interview, if not a bit longer considering I was getting interviewed with a couple of other teenagers, and we all got asked numerous questions starting from our fashion sense to personal information. When I got the job, my excitement was over the roof. My best friend and I actually both got the job and we started to work together. Little did we know… oh little did we know. All of the excitement soon turned into waves of stress and oftentimes anger. We were working for minimum wage and most times got 7 to 8-hour shifts. But wait hold on! Listen to this! Our break only lasted 30 minutes and sometimes an hour if we got lucky, considering we were standing on our feet the whole entire shift. Let alone we weren’t even able to talk to each other nor our other associates while working or else we would get in trouble. We were mostly allowed to just speak to the shopaholics in our store. 

       After interviewing some students from our school whose decision was to be kept anonymous, they asserted that their job experience, more specifically retail experience, was completely different from mine leaning more towards the calm perspective of retail. All in all, receiving those amazing paychecks and experiencing memorable moments that only job experience can bring is so worth it. I say if you get a chance to land a job, then most definitely take it because you never know how much you will actually love your job