Harry Potter VS. Percy Jackson


Caroline Zavulunov, Staff Writer

Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson. The debate has been going on for almost fifteen years. Both novels are similar, yet with slight differences. Countless individuals have been reading and obsessing over the famous series and still do to this day. Numerous people have been influenced greatly by both novels. However, the ultimate question is which one is better? 

    Harry Potter has seven novels in the series along with eight movies corresponding with each book. It begins with Harry being treated horribly by his aunt and uncle. It is explained that both of his parents have died, thus leaving him with only his aunt and uncle who dislike Harry completely. On his eleventh birthday, Hagrid – a giant – makes an appearance. Hagrid took Harry to Hogwarts School of Witchery and Wizarding. He explained to Harry that he is indeed a wizard with special abilities. Harry learns about what really happened to his family, and that he is destined to be a powerful wizard. Harry gets housed as a Gryffindor and gets situated in Hogwarts, finally feeling a sense of belonging. He meets Hermione and Ron who turn out to be his best friends. He goes on exciting journeys throughout all the books, learns more about himself, fights off enemies, and endangers himself multiple times. The series is filled with mysteries, secrets, action, and a roller coaster ride that will take the readers through one heck of a ride. The author, JK Rowling, includes themes like the power of love and friendship, humility, death, courage, and loyalty with exceptional writing. All of the themes and life lessons featured in her series can help thousands of students in middle school, even students reaching adolescence. Overall, the series was an appealing and intelligible read with a dazzling hero, written to perfection.

     After reading Harry Potter, people may think it would be hard to top a series like that or even come remotely near as good as Harry Potter was. But alas, Percy Jackson came out next and seemed to have done just that. Percy Jackson has five books – excluding the Olympians series –  in the series with only two movies produced. It begins with Percy experiencing unusual things happening to him. He is described to have dyslexia and ADHD. When he goes on a field trip, his teacher turns into a mythological creature and seems to be after Percy. Everything starts to change for Percy. He finds out his best friend, Grover, does not have human legs, and he finds out that he is the son of Poseidon, the water god in terms of greek mythology. Just like Harry Potter, Percy too found out he has special abilities, and that he is, in fact, a demigod. Percy is thrown into the world of evil creatures and dangerous conquests. He faces off with multiple enemies, fights off demons, does about anything really. Rick Riordan is a powerful and passionate writer who uses diction that makes the series much more anticipating. Many themes like violence, love, traditions, customs, and family are expressed throughout the whole series and teach a tremendous amount to individuals globally. Percy Jackson was a great read with intricate characters, drama, and action. It was definitely worth the read. 

     Both series are one of the best series ever written, but there could be only one answer. They both deal with similar themes illustrated in different ways. Both series had perplexing plots that left readers in suspense and a swirl of emotions. Nevertheless, Harry Potter seems to be better read in my case. The storyline was more fully developed with all plotholes filled, the writing included more imagery, and more conflict was involved. There was greater detail in Harry Potter. Both story ideas are incredible, but Harry Potter takes the win for this debate in my preference with Percy Jackson getting close to the lead.