A Sweet 16 For Troupe 6760


Debra Rosenblum

Hannah Burrell, Staff Writer

A fresh start for the school year means new classes, new teachers, and a new up and coming season for Troupe 6760. Director Lance Blank and Troupe 6760 are embarking on their sixteenth year of showcasing various plays and musicals. Some of them, like Little Women and Blood Brothers, have had the opportunity to take their show and perform it at Morsani Hall at the Florida State Thespian Festival. For the 2019-2020 season, Lance Blank has chosen the fall term play, Hana Volavkova’s I Never Saw Another Butterfly and the spring musical Sister Act based on the classic 1992 movie starring the one and only Whoopi Goldberg. 

Volavkova’s play, I Never Saw Another Butterfly focuses on an estimated total of 15,000 children who wrote poetry while being held in the Terezin Concentration Camp during WWII (also known as The Holocaust). Based on a true-life story of the children in the Holocaust, Butterfly tells the story of Irena, a teacher who has to teach Raja and the fellow kids that are in the camp that there was hope when there was none. The use of laughter, flowers, and butterflies allows the kids to be distracted from the harsh reality of the camps. Symbolically, the butterflies were the children and what they had to leave behind: poems, drawings, writings, etc. 

In the spring West Boca Theater will be presenting Alan Menken’s musical Sister Act, Sister Act tells the story of lounge singer Deloris Van Carter who witnesses her mobster boyfriend, Vince LaRocca, commit a murder. She is then relocated in order to be protected, taking on a new identity as a nun. Being kept with her sisters to avoid trouble, Deloris is assigned to be the head of their choir and bring soulful music to life. With one touching and heart-rending play, comes a vibrant and optimistic musical. 

As far as new changes go for the Troupe, Mr. Blank has decided that there are to be no leadership officers this year just to make sure that everyone in the troupe contributes. whether it be set up for events or sharing ideas. For the fall show of I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Mr. Blank is currently seeking a presenter to bring in for the future cast and crew of the play in order for the students to truly begin to understand what really happened during the Holocaust which will help future cast members bring their characters to life as they rehearse for the next couple of months. ‘With Troupe 6760 completing only a week of school,  the members of Troupe 6760 are looking forward to what this season has to offer!