8 Life-Changing Things Created Unintentionally


Annael Toledano, Staff Writer

  1. Fireworks


Fireworks are something often perceived as a complicated task, it’s crazy to think that it was made completely unintentionally. Fireworks were discovered in the process of an unknown chef in China experimenting in the kitchen. When this cook decided to mix charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter and place it in a compressed bamboo tube, it exploded. This may seem like one of the less-shocking items but it is crazy to think about what yearly traditions would be like without fireworks.


  1. Microwave Ovens 


Microwave ovens are a very essential item in the food industry and everyday life. Most would say they rely on microwaves to heat their meals consistently. It also doesn’t appear to be an item made by accident. Percy Spencer the creator of microwaves would differ. He claims to have been conducting a radar-related research project with a new vacuum tube and realized the candy bar in his pocket had melted. He furthered his experiment with different types of food items and discovered the microwave. 


  1. Popsicles


It’s funny to think one of the most memorable, fun, and refreshing snacks in everyone’s childhood was made when an 11-year-old was just making a drink. Frank Epperson from San Francisco made a fruit-flavored soda drink out of powder and water, and one evening he never finished the soda and left it outside overnight with the stirring stick still in the cup. It was a cold night, and he discovered in the morning that the drink had frozen around the stick. He took it out of the cup and licked it and with that popsicles were born!


  1. Matches


The key essential to lighting candles and starting a fire was invented accidentally when a pot of chemicals was being stirred. In 1826, John Walker was doing just that and noticed a dried lump had formed on the end of the mixing stick. Without realizing, he tried to scrape off the dried gob and it accidentally ignited.


  1. Super Glue


Superglue wasn’t an invention that stuck instantly, but one that was stumbled upon twice. In 1942, Dr. Harry Coover attempted to create a material for clear plastic gun sights. Instead, he noticed he created something that stuck to everything. Although this was an amazing invention that would have led to great things, he ignored it due to it not being helpful to his current project. Coincidentally, nine years later, while working on another project Coover discovered exactly how the superglue was created and finally decided to work on expanding it. 


  1. Potato Chips


It’s weird to think one of the most popular snacks in the world was created out of anger. George Crum a chef at a local inn was fed up with customers sending back his fried potatoes for being too soggy and not crunchy enough. He decided to try and fix this problem by cutting the potato in very slim slices, fry it, and sprinkle it in salt. It ended up being a win-win since the customers loved it. 


  1. Coca Cola 


John Pemberton, a pharmacist living in Atlanta, sold a syrup made of wine, syrup, and coca extract which was used for health purposes. It was something very popular that many used to help with headaches and nervous disorders. In 1885, There was a ban for alcohol, so when Pemberton attempted to find different ingredients to create the same result he accidentally ended up with coca-cola. 


  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies 


The famous and delicious Chocolate Chip cookies are far too popular and familiar to be thought of as an accident. Although this very pleasant treat wasn’t invented in a crazy way, it’s shocking to think of this coincidence. Ruth Wakefield was trying to make regular chocolate cookies when she realized she was out of baker’s chocolate. As a substitute, she cut the chocolate into small pieces and added them to the cookie dough. Instead of the chocolate melting as expected, the little pieces stuck and created chocolate chip cookies. It’s crazy to think of all the items that were invented completely by coincidence.