Pictures to Die For


Woman taking a selfie on top of building. Picture by Flickr.

Annael Toledano , Staff Writer

Who would’ve thought the very common occurrence of selfie-taking could be a life-threatening task? More and more people are putting themselves in dangerous situations just to obtain a photo. Nowadays, people take selfies with just about anything and everything they do in their lives to share with social media. This has become a concern since people are so caught up in taking photos that they don’t even realize they may be in a dangerous position. For example, Karin Claesson was taking a selfie of a man who was taking a photo on the edge of a cliff at the Grand Canyon; she fell several hundred feet while just attempting to take her photo. It’s crazy to think most tourists visiting the Grand Canyon could easily be in a dangerous situation just like this and not think twice about it. Another similar occurrence happened in Tamil Nadu, India when a new, bride V Nivedha, died alongside four other family members after slipping into the water while taking selfies. The US National Library of Medicine says, “The highest number of incidents and selfie-deaths has been reported in India followed by Russia, United States, and Pakistan.” Drowning, transportation routes, and falling from large architectural structures are known to be among some of the most common locations for selfie deaths. Selfies have even become more valuable to some then being attentive to the life-endangering risks while they’re taking selfies. For example, the song “#SELFIE” by Chainsmokers is a significant example of an individual prioritizing a simple picture. With the well-known verse of the chorus being “But first, Let me take a selfie” shows that influential social media platform holders have come to a realization about how selfies have become a priority. Due to popular demand, manufacturers have been taking advantage of the situation by evolving their technology and also providing special camera techniques such as portrait as well as the iPhone 11s three-camera function leaving people more intrigued instead of realizing the dangerous situations they may get themselves in while taking selfies. Is taking a selfie worth your life?