A Million Words



There is a million word gap between kids who read and those who do not during early life.

Cynthia Schneider, Staff Writer

Millions of children in America cannot read or write. Nowadays it seems crazy that in this age of technology and more access to information, students are still struggling with receiving the basics of their education: the ability to read. A recent Ohio State study showed that children who are read to multiple times a day know over a million words than those who do not. These same students are more likely to be from a low income household and they are simply not exposed to reading until they reach elementary school. 

Now our school’s Capstone research program is now formulating a WE service project that promotes literacy and is helping bring awareness to this growing, yet hidden issue in America. Students have been running social media campaigns, donating books, and more. They are even working with a class that has many underprivileged kids who are reading way below their grade level because of their lack of access to books that many students in other schools have. I encourage you to look more into this cause and support the many campaigns from the capstone research students. You can learn more about the multiple campaigns made recently on our Instagram/Facebook @wbhsbullseye.