Praise to Unagi

Jonah Lynne, LitMag Bulls Writer

In sunrise kingdom,

This gift is prominent.

Umami – a taste newly discovered

Captures the essence of this delicacy.


Wow, I thought,

When I tasted it.

Unagi – at glance grossly disgusting,

But now more desired than ever.


My first experience:

One I will remember.

Ecstasy – deep,rich,subtle flavor

That spread in my mouth.


A new feeling,

Something i longed for.

Savory – how could an eel

Taste as good as this had?


My mouth watered,

Indulging in its taste,

Symphony – the sound it created

In my head was simply stunning.


My sacred connection

To this distant nation

Comes in the form of food,

Like many other things in life.