New Year, New You

Many students plan to start the new decade with new plans for themselves.


Many students plan to start the new decade with new plans for themselves.

Annael Toledano, Staff Writer

54 / 131 school related resolutions

8 / 131 social related resolutions

21 / 131 health related resolutions

3 / 131 religious related resolutions

45 / 131 personal related resolutions

Another year has come to an end and 2020 is beginning. It is the time of the year when people are focusing on ways they can better themselves. Recently, a poll was given at West Boca and students were asked to enter their new year resolutions for the year of 2020. With 131 responses we received a variety of resolutions regarding school, social aspects, health, religious, and personal goals. With school aspirations in the lead with 54 responses, a majority of hopes were to become an overall well rounded student. Things such as completing homework right when arriving at home to avoid procrastination, always being prepared for upcoming due dates, and going above limits to be able to choose their next path instead of settling were by far the most called upon. 

The second most popular resolution is personal related with 45 responses. Aspects such as not over thinking every situation, being more confident, and being a nice person to all were the most commonly stated. 

Following personal related goals, was health resolutions with 21 responses. Students made goals such as going to the gym at least two times a week, cutting snacks out of their diet, and maintaining a better sleep schedule. 

Lastly, was religious related resolutions with three responses. Comprehending the Bible in depth and finding their true religious selves were things important to these students. Although, resolutions are just a bunch of words unless taken action.

 I interviewed a variety of students who answered this survey and asked them the following question: What was your 2019 goal, did you accomplish it, and what effect does that have on your 2020 resolution?  




Dana Botwinink stated “My 2019 resolution was to manage my time more wisely and it was unsuccessful due to bad procrastination habits. Although, since this task is truly something I have to master I’ve made it my 2020 resolution as well. And I will use my examples of 2019 as what not to do moving on.” 


Ashley Hannon stated “My 2019 resolution was to get good grades which was successfully completed. Due to such pleasant results academically I have decided to make it my 2020 resolution to maintain last year’s accomplishments and strive for more. 2019 has given me all the dos and don’ts on how to successfully achieve my 2020 resolution.” 


Allen Uzsinay stated “My 2019 resolution was to exercise everyday which I accomplished. Completing my goal really sparked my interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I found myself constantly in search of additional ways that I could do more for my body. This led me to my 2020 resolution of being more observant of the food I eat. I’m confident that this will be another year with successful results.” 


Aliyah Raza stated “My 2019 resolution was to find a hobby that will enhance my resume. After a long search I was able to find the perfect internship, leaving my 2019 goal successfully achieved. Moving on to 2020, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to strive for more at school so when it comes to finding out from colleges I will have the ability to choose where I want to go instead of having to settle.”


Mckenna O’Brien stated “My 2019 resolution was to focus on myself and really accomplish everything I set my mind to. With a long year of reflecting I was successfully able to find myself and accomplish all my goals. I also found a sport that I love and want to keep playing for a while. With that being where I stand, I’ve made my 2020 resolution to improve in volleyball and see where it can take me.” 


Natan Solomon stated “My 2019 resolution was to lose weight and build muscle. After going to the gym and changing my diet, I was content with the results. Moving on to 2020, I made my resolution to be more humble. Many people have complained about my attitude recently and I am trying to keep my confidence on the inside.”