What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Read to find out!

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Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Read to find out!

Maya Zohar, Staff Writer

Have you ever had a dream so vivid it felt real? Turns out your dreams could signify people and events in your waking life. Dreams could be romantic, amusing, terrifying, depressing. There are also multiple types of dreams, but the most common ones are recurring dreams, nightmares, and signal dreams, all of which occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep can cause bodily movement, eye movement, faster pulse, and breathing. It can even create a sleep disorder in which the dreamer talks or walks, enacting the events in his dream. 

A dream is composed of feelings and memories from your waking life, which then get turned into components of the dreams that have a particularly significant meaning. For example, if a person dreams of getting yelled at or is one yelling, it can show anger that has been bottled up in their waking life. On the other hand, it could have multiple meanings, which varies by the specific circumstance of the dream. If a person is yelling when no one else is around, rather than portraying anger, it could mean that a person feels as though their voice does not matter and that they are not getting the attention that they want from their loved ones. By understanding the meanings of dreams, it could make a person aware of their emotional state and even know how to take action to improve it if necessary. 

Moreover, objects often have specific meanings and interpretations of dreams. Every individual has their own understanding based on their emotions and events from their waking life, but objects sometimes have a particular significance. For instance, dreaming of a building or house could mean that a person is looking for or is seeking comfort from their loved ones who they live with. Even the most random objects could have an essential meaning behind them. Take the microwave as an example, when a person sees a microwave in his dream, it could signify impatience or that they have been rushing through their day and need to slow down a bit. 

As a matter of fact, dreams could give insight as to what could happen in a person’s waking life. Have you ever dreamt of dying in your dream and woke up panting or sweating? Even though it seems as though it was an awful nightmare, death in a dream has a good meaning. Death usually means rebirth; therefore, in the person’s day to day life, it could predict that they will go through a life-changing event, either good or bad, that will transform them as a person. Also, dreaming of getting lost could predict that a person may be feeling vulnerable or out of place. 

Overall, dreams don’t have a specific interpretation since there are so many possibilities and beliefs. Ancient Egyptians believed that gods communicated through dreams, while the Ancient Greeks did not necessarily personify them. If a person has an extremely vivid dream, they could use sources in order to try and decipher it. Still, in the end, it all depends on how the person himself feels about certain objects and events. So next time you have a scary nightmare or an exciting dream, write it down and think to yourself how it made you feel.