Scholarships that You Need to Know About!

Did you know there are many scholarship opportunities available for you?

Did you know there are many scholarship opportunities available for you?

Hannah Burrell, Staff Writer

Many students are aware of the Bright Futures Scholarship and earning an AICE or AP Diploma, but are you aware of other scholarships and diplomas that are right in front of you? Here are a few local scholarships! 

The George Snow Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship. Students can attend any college, university, vocational, or technical school anywhere in the country and major in any subject the student desires. Financial need, motivation, and the desire to help others are major components of this scholarship. This application opens up on November 1st and is due February 1, 2020. Go to for more info. 

The Will McLean Foundation Scholarship is open only to seniors who have skills or interests that are musically or technically oriented and that must be related to Florida Folk Music, Florida folk history, or production materials that are related to Florida Folkore. To apply applicants must be attending a Florida school and be a resident of Florida. The award for this scholarship is $3,000!

Seniors who have a love for the arts have a scholarship just for them. The Arts for Life scholarship annually awards $1,000 scholarships to 25 graduating high school students in Florida. This scholarship was created by former first lady of Florida Columba Bush for students who take part in creative writing, dance, drama, music, or visual art.


The Eda and Cliff Viner Scholarship is a program that gives South Palm Beach County High School students with four-year scholarships to colleges and universities in the state of Florida. Viner scholars are also given mentors throughout college. This scholarship is a “last dollar” scholarship and covers items not covered by other means. The application is due March 28, 2020.

The list of scholarships is never-ending and can be found in student emails as well as online. Below is a link to the school scholarship bulletin.