West Boca Welcomes… A New Set of Sisters

If you loved seeing Hairspray, you will love West Boca's newest addition... The Sister's Act


If you loved seeing Hairspray, you will love West Boca’s newest addition… The Sister’s Act

Hannah Burrell, Staff Writer

If you enjoyed seeing Hairspray, which was the most sold-out show that our school has ever produced, then you’ll love Sister Act. The students had the chance to submit a one minute video of them singing a Broadway song that best suits them as a performer. The following week, several students had been called back to sing specific parts for the some of the roles that they’ve auditioned for. As well as callbacks, it was mandatory for students to attend dance auditions in order to see if they have a chance to be cast in Sister Act

A few weeks after auditions, the cast list was posted on the West Boca Drama Website. The cast members are as followed:


Alec Schwartz as Curtis

Alycia Archibald as Nun

Angelina Buck as Mary Lazurus 

Arielle Crichlow as Ensemble 

Arielle Valiente as Nun

Brianna Bayne as Nun

Brianna Quackenbush as Mary Roberts

Camila Garcia as Nun

Dalia Mittleman as Nun

Daniel Ortiz as Henchman

Desir Dejueste as Eddie

Elizabeth Veloso as Nun

Elinna Herr as Ensemble

Erin Nadel as Ensemble 

Evangelyn Curran as Ensemble 

Jesalyn Trinkofsky as Ensemble

Jessica Balton as Nun

Kayla Narcisse as Nun

Lindsey Davidson as Ensemble

Madison Ginsberg as Ensemble

Marco Alexandre as Ensemble

Maya Petrie as Deloris 

Melody Burrage as Nun

Michelle White as Ensemble

Moriah Blech as Ensemble

Nikki Cohen as Nun

Noah Fineman as Monsignor O’Hara

Peter Klapadoras as Henchman

Rachael Oney as Nun

Ruth Williams as Nun

Ryan Adamson Ensemble

Sam Fairs as Ensemble 

Samara Shavrick as Nun

Shelby Turner as Nun

Steven Buckanan as Ensemble 

Tayla Lubinsky as Ensemble 

Zachary Bouras as Henchman 


I got the chance to interview a few of the cast members on their take on how well Sister Act is going so far. A Senior in high school, Maya Petrie, has the lead role of Deloris Van Cartier. This is her third production at West Boca. She’s known for her roles as one of the three Boylan Sisters from the musical Annie, and Motormouth from Hairspray. I had the chance to ask Maya a few questions about the show and role as Deloris in Sister Act.


First off, congratulations on getting the role as Deloris Van Cartier in Sister Act. What is the one thing that you want people to know when it comes to seeing Sister Act?

Thank you! The one thing I want people to know is that the show is full of comedy, dancing, singing, and that they have to see it or they’re going to miss out.


How do you describe Deloris? If so, do you relate to her?

Deloris is a very sassy woman who is about everything she says. She’s confident, strong, and talented. I relate to Deloris because I’m very sassy and I strive for perfection.


How does it feel to do Sister Act as your last production at West Boca?

It’s sad, but I’m always really happy that I get to do it here. I’m also very honored to have my last show as being a lead in it.


Because Sister Act has a lot of dancing, singing, and acting, what are you most excited for as rehearsals go on?

I’m really excited for when the show comes together and we get to do it straight through, it gives you a rush feeling. 


Besides Maya, some of the cast members are performing at West Boca for the first time! I was able to ask them how it feels to soon be performing on stage at West Boca. Senior, Brianna Bayne is in her first and final year in musical theatre. Brianna says, “I’m really excited. Having to hear all the amazing things that have been said about West Boca shows and seeing them firsthand, I’m so honored that I was chosen to represent the drama department in this production. All of the other cast members have been so helpful and kind and I’m so happy I get the chance to be in a show my senior year!” It’s amazing to see that someone who is now in theatre, be influenced by our past shows and events, have a positive outlook on what it means to be in the arts or involved in a show. Another student who is very involved in our theatre program is Sophomore, Erin Nadel. Erin was part of costume crew for both Little Women and Hairspray for 2018-2019 season. Erin Nadel, says, “I felt so ecstatic about being in a West Boca show! I’ve always wanted to be in one and I can’t thank Mr. Blank enough for allowing me to be part of this production.” Erin was originally taking Theater 1 for class, but because of Erin’s dedication in the shows by partaking part of crew for both shows, she was able to audition for musical theatre have gotten more opportunities within this program. Another former crew member who is now part of cast, would be Sophomore, Moriah Blech. Moriah, says, “I’m so excited to be part of the upcoming musical, Sister Act. I know from when it came to do costumes last year, (Hairspray) I was up for long hours studying and working hard along with my fellow performers. Sister Act will result in dynamic performance; something that will instill great pride and confidence in all. Please come out and support West Boca Drama and its students. Enjoy the show!” 

Many other students like Maya, Brianna, Erin, and Moriah, are beyond thrilled to be involved in Sister Act: whereas some are performing on stage here at West Boca for the first time, and some for the last time. No matter how many positive feedbacks or awards we get, they don’t do justice. If you want to see Sister Act, head over to www.wbhsdrama.com to book tickets.