West Boca Wins at HOSA!


Mackenzie Crowell

West Boca HOSA takes a lot of medals at the regional HOSA competition.

Alexa Smith, Staff Writer

On Monday, January 27th, West Boca High Medical Academy competed in the annual HOSA regional competition. HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) is an international medical organization specifically designed to prepare students for careers in the medical world. Through this competition, students can express their passions by competing and work hard to become knowledgeable and excel in the medical branch of their interest. Students can also work with peers and learn teamwork while competing in a group event together. Through all their hard work and determination, 23 teams placed and 19 are eligible to go to the state competition in Orlando, Florida in April 2020. Here is a list of our winners:

Med Law and Ethics

  1. Isabelle Galan (11)third place
  2. Mia Filoramo (10) fifth place

Medical Terminology 

  1. Chloe Ballin (11)
  2. Thea Lauana (11). first place
  3. Sharen Laguerre (11)third place

Human Growth and Development

  1. Lilianna Pacenti (11)second place



  1. Anna Bulatao (12) third place



  1. Kendra Seaver (12) second place

Health Professionals Events

Sports Med

  1. Jonathan Hashemi (11) third place
  2. Stephanie Bloomberg (12) fifth place


Emergency Preparedness Events


  1. Brian Kirsch and Nicolas Paolini (12) first place
  2. Cecilia Malafaia and Olivia Martinez (12)   Third place
  3. Aislinn Gonzalez and Catarina Ferrao (12) second place


  1. Alejandra Lazo and Isabela Fernandes (12) first place

CPR/First Aid – 

  1. Enrique Escobar and Adam Goldman (11)  third place
  2. Daniel Sanchez and Kiara Mackenney (11) second place

Leadership Events

Extemporaneous Health Poster

  1. Asia Farfan (11) second place
  2. Nicole Monlevade (11) first place


Teamwork Events

Public Health

  1. Alexa Smith, Ariana Martinez, Victoria Williamson, Delaney Kennedy, and Brendan Wood (11, 11, 11, 11, and 12) FIRST Place 

Community Awareness

  1. Meenakshi Nambiar and Aisha Ansari (11) first place

Forensic Science

  1. Tiffany Pereira and Ingrid Rocha (11)fourth place


Health Career Display

  1. Benjamin Frohman and Bruna Good God (10). First place


Medical Innovation

  1. Maxwell Scherrer and Isabella Bragg (10) fifth place