Snaps for The Bulls

Hannah Burrell, Staff Writer

You often hear about schools creating fundraisers for their school teams, academies, clubs, or groups using GoFundMe, selling chocolates, or even going to Chipotle. This year the West Boca Drama Department is using Snap Raise to raise money for the department. Since 2014 Snap Raise has lent a helping hand to the drama department, benefiting its future. The West Boca Drama Department is seeking the help of the drama students by sending at least 20 emails to their potential supporters prior to the campaign launch on February 10, 2020. These supporters can be their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, cousins, godparents, family friends, or neighbors. All contacts are to be strictly private and protected because of the email recipients who will simply receive a personalized request on behalf of the participants during the troupe’s fundraising campaign. Snap Raise will benefit our theater department by allowing us to have more successful competitions and shows in the future.

If you happen to know a fellow thespian in need of a donation for the West Boca Drama Department be sure to check your inbox or click the link below to donate to West Boca Theater through my personal page!