Keep Your Distance!


2 meters = 6 feet = socially distanced

Natan Solomon, Editor

Coronavirus has uprooted the lives of nearly everybody in America, among other places around the world. A few months ago, as the virus emerged slowly in Asian countries, we were not concerned at all and had no expectation for it to even spread to the Western Hemisphere. Now, work has been cancelled, school has been delayed indefinitely, and daily life has been completely changed. The unique feature about a situation like this is not only the way it is affecting us, but how inclusive it is. You can be the president, a famous actor, the richest man on earth, or a beggar on the street; this pandemic has changed everyone’s life regardless of status or worth and it is forcing us into isolation. Due to the disruption of our everyday routine that we’ve grown so accustomed to, many wonder how we can get back to normal and end this virus. The answer is social distancing. 

Social Distancing is a set of measures being taken to prevent the spread of a contagious disease by reducing the number of times people come in contact with others and maintaining physical distance, according to the CDC. This precaution has been introduced as the primary solution to coronavirus, or COVID-19. This specific virus that we have encountered is especially dangerous because somebody can have it without the symptoms appearing in a severe fashion. Most people think social distancing is mainly to protect those who knowingly have coronavirus from the rest of the population, but that isn’t necessarily the case. By staying socially distanced, we can prevent those who unknowingly have it from contaminating more people. The importance of this is best explained by the exponential curve that shows how rapidly coronavirus is spreading. By socially distancing ourselves and staying at home, that curve can be flattened and the amount of cases spread can be minimized.