The State of AICE


David Rudd, Staff Writer

AICE EXAMS ARE CANCELLED. No student enjoys taking these multi-hour exams at the end of each year. However, students enroll in these high level classes, with the expectation of passing the end of year exams and receiving college credit. Will all this work throughout the first three quarters of the school year go to waste? What is the plan?

AICE exams are important. They provide a check on teachers and students. Evaluating knowledge of a subject is essential when a passing grade will reward you with college credits. Earning such credits should not be given automatically. AICE and colleges both understand the effort needed to pass advanced courses and will do their best to provide a fair check on knowledge.

Here is what is known so far. AICE plans to work with teachers to help students. No one wants this year to go to waste. An effort was put in on both ends to provide and receive college-level education, so AICE has suggested that students can still receive usual credit for passing these difficult classes. Roughly speaking, teachers will send proof of student proficiency to AICE. From there, students will likely be graded on the content and be sent a score. The full details are not complete just yet.


Direct from Cambridge

Our approach remains to ask schools to collaborate with us as we make evidence-based decisions about grades for each candidate in each subject.


Our process has four steps:

  1. Centre determines a predicted grade for each candidate for each syllabus entered
  2. Centre determines a rank order of its candidates within each grade for each syllabus
  3. Head of centre confirms the predicted grades and rank orders, and centre sends them to Cambridge International
  4. Cambridge International carries out a standardisation process, combining data from the school with other data, and awards final grades.


Students will continue to complete their courses as planned just online instead of in the classroom. Teachers will teach the same material as they otherwise would have. No education will be lost through these unprecedented times.


All available information can be found here.