Sanders’ Suspends His Campaign


Bernie Sanders giving a speech at an event in New Hampshire.

Jordan Smith, Staff Writer

The world has been watching the United States Presidential Election debates, from Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden, to the infamous Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders. After candidate upon candidate dropped out like flies, the official nomination was down to the two frontrunners, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Many remember how the DNC (Democratic National Committee) conspired against Senator Sanders, and was ultimately successful in undermining his campaign in 2016. He then suspended his campaign and backed former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. For the second time in four years, presidential nominee Bernie Sanders decided to suspend his campaign and is backing Joe Biden. 


It was no surprise when Bernie announced his run for presidency for the 2020 election, and it was established quickly he was a surefire frontrunner for the nomination. For a time, it seemed to be a close competition between Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Klobuchar, with Sanders dominating in the early primary voting states.  However, it was at this time debate moderators started questioning his history in praising communist dictatorships such as Cuba and Nicaragua, as well as his ideas for socialism. In an ironic twist, just like his 2016 campaign, his performance in South Carolina marked the beginning of the end. 


For weeks afterward, Senator Bernie Sanders resisted the outcries to leave the race, despite his popularity and polls dropping. The pandemic also started forcing the candidates to retreat from the campaign and governors to delay primary elections, which did not help Sanders rapidly dropping polls. Finally, after his campaign had all but been stopped, Sanders bit the bullet and officially suspended his campaign, later on endorsing Joe Biden for the nomination.


Regardless, with Sanders out of the race, the seat of the President of the US is between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. One thing is for sure though, the debates are going to be a ride.