The Struggles Of Virtual School


Maya Zohar, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19, there have been many changes to our society and day to day lifestyles. Countless people have lost their jobs, quarantine has forced people to remain in their homes, and everything had to be done online, including school. Kids from kindergarten to college have been attending virtual classes on Zoom or Google Meet. Unfortunately, these online classes are a burden on many students and parents. Rather than paying attention in class, the student is too busy worrying whether the connection will be lost. Not to mention, parents are running about trying to help their kids with the technology they barely understand for themselves. 

Some parents got lucky because they do not have little kids to worry about, and their teen knows how to manage themselves. Others called the short end of the stick and now have to deal with one kid crying because they don’t understand their teachers, another kid unable to join their class, and one who is refusing to stay in front of the computer screen for more than five minutes, it’s madness! To make matters worse, most parents still have to go to their day jobs, and some have no other option but to take their kids with them. So now they have to manage their time at work and have to take care of their kids who have no clue what they are doing. To avoid this situation, parents also decided to hire nannies to watch over their kids while they are working. However, there is no guarantee that the nanny will know what to do if the computer crashes or if the kid is refusing to do their work. 

The detriments of online school don’t only affect the parents, but the students as well. For starters, when kids are at the school campus, it is easier for them to make friends since they have to see each other every day. They get to do group projects and interact with one another, which gives them opportunities to get to know each other better. It is much harder, if not impossible, to make friends over a google meet class in which their microphone is muted 99% of the time. It is hard enough not to have friends in a class to keep you company, but not making new ones could be lonesome and even discouraging. 

Fortunately, many teachers and staff are both kind and understanding of the parents and students. They are patient with those who have trouble adjusting and even offer to help if necessary. They are aware that these are difficult and unnatural times that have altered the lives of countless individuals. Guidance counselors are always there when you need them, and Ms.Townsend always welcomes students with open arms. Even though things may be chaotic, there is also a strong support system that will help in any way they can to make things better.