Back to School


Ashley Annese, Staff Writer

As of today West Boca students can return to in person classes. Most of the students stayed in virtual learning though. Jamie Segrini says she “likes online learning better because you don’t have to wake up as early.” Although this is true, and a very valid point, others still went back to school. Asia Farfan states that she went back because she enjoys driving to school and it’s nice to get out of her house. Some students wanted to go back for the social aspect and they think it’s easier to learn in person. Honestly though, how does in person learning even work? Most students don’t even know what it entails, does everyone have to sit far apart? How is lunch going to work? What do the classrooms even look like?

Primarily, the desks are spread out in each classroom and the students must remain six feet apart and keep a mask on at all times. In between classes, teachers must clean the desks to ensure a germ free environment for the students. At lunch, students are required to sit in the hallways or the courtyard and stay a minimum of six feet away from each other. Another aspect of distance learning is if there are too many people in one room, the extra students are sent to the overflow room in the gym where students do class on their computers. Erin Leahy says that “it’s nothing like school used to be” and she wants to switch back to online due to the various regulations. Leahy says that “school just isn’t fun anymore.” On the other hand, Nathaniel Cespedes said that he thinks it is easier to speak in person. He found it to be intimidating speaking online, so for that reason he likes being in the classroom. Most students that have returned all say that it’s basically online school but you’re just sitting at a desk. Different kinds of learning work for different people, some need the social aspect while some would rather stay home and sleep in. So, which one will you choose?