Binge Worthy Shows


Maya Zohar, Staff Writer

Have you ever finished a show that you spent weeks watching and then thought to yourself, what now? Suddenly you look in the mirror and realize that you have been so invested in this show that you gained an extra five pounds from sitting around all day long. Not to mention, your head hurts, you look like a maniac, and you stink so bad the skunks would be jealous; if anyone were to see you like this, they would probably admit you to a psychiatric ward. Nevertheless, you do not regret one bit of it because that show was definitely worth it. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing such a state of relaxation and bliss, here are some shows that are guaranteed to make you binge royalty. 


Crime/mystery: Riverdale (age rating 13+)


The show Riverdale was initially based on a comic from 1941 called Archie’s comics. The show tells a story of teenagers living in a small suburban town when suddenly one gets mysteriously murdered. The group of teenagers, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead, all team up and investigate the murder of Jason Blossom. As the show progresses, new mysteries arise, and relationships are both created and torn apart. It is truly a show that will take its audience on an emotional rollercoaster with countless twists and turns. 


Romance: Jane the Virgin (age rating 15+)


Jane the Virgin is a dramatic yet romantic show on Netflix. It is about a young religious Latina waitress in Miami, Jane Gloriana Villanueva, who decides to save herself for marriage until her life turns upside down with a surprising and unexpected pregnancy. Jane had gotten accidentally artificially inseminated during a checkup with her boss’s sperm, whom she used to have a crush on. If you are looking for a show that will leave you gasping for more at the end of each episode, this definitely is for you. 


Sci-fi/ Action: The 100 (age rating 14+)


The show The 100 is a science fiction post-apocalyptic drama. The show is about a nuclear war which forced people to go to space and live there for years. After 97 years in a spaceship, they noticed that Earth’s conditions were improving, so they sent 100 of their prisoners down there to test the environment. Among the prisoners are Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, and Octavia Blake  who are the protagonists that depend on each other to survive in this new Earth. Together they overcome challenges and fight for their lives. This show does not disappoint! 


Comedy: How I Met Your Mother (age rating 14+)


This show starts with the narrator, Ted Mosby, telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. The entire show is one big flashback filled with romantic pursuit and comedy, which leaves the audience laughing at every episode. As the story progresses, Ted makes new lifelong friends while also building his relationships with old ones. It is truly a heartfelt story that will get you hooked immediately.