Meet West Boca’s New Athletic Director


Newly hired West Boca Raton High School Football Coach and Athletic Director Andrae Rowe

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

During these times of uncertainty people have questioned the plausibility of sports being played during this fall. Not only on a high school level but college and professional as well. Also during these times West Boca High School hired a new athletic director/football coach: Andrae Rowe. 


When asked about his decision to come to West Boca High School he said, “I feel that West Boca is a Great school to build a foundation to be a powerhouse program with all its sports.” This is great news for West Boca High Football as Coach Rowe’s track record is quite impressive. As Coach Rowe stated, He is already entering his 17th year of coaching after leading Navarro College Coach Rowe next coached at Albilene Christian University, and then went onto Atlantic High School coaching many different roles. To say the least he is more than qualified to be the coach of our West Boca Bulls. 


Coach Rowe doesn’t only have experience in the field of coaching, but also has experience playing football at one of the highest levels in college.  He started on defense for the Kansas State Wildcats for two straight years. The Wildcats are constant competitors in the Big XII conference and at the time had a nationally ranked defense. 


Coach Rowe was hired in March 2020, but was unable to coach due to the spread of Covid-19 so this will officially be his first year coaching. Of course there will be football and sports in general played at West Boca High School, but there are going to be a lot of changes. When asked if sports are going to be played during the current environment coach replied with, “Given the current environment, West Boca Athletics will be focusing on the minor detail of each individual program to help them achieve their goals this year.” Many football teams on college and professional levels have had problems controlling Covid-19 outbreaks, but West Boca High is determined to slow and stop the spread of Covid-19. New precautions have been put in place for both players and fans in attendance. 


There will be constant sanitization of everything before and after games such as the bathrooms and footballs. As Coach Rowe mentioned their workouts will be conducted in “PODS”. PODS are groups of 9 players and one coach which are utilized during workouts in the worst case scenario of a positive Coronavirus test. Also when in the PODS facial coverings are going to be required at all times with an exception for vigorous exercises. There will also be three different turf sites used.


As far as we know both the basketball team and football team will be playing a total of four games this year.


The Varsity football team on the other hand will be playing their first game on Halloween against Atlantic High school. After this home game we played an away game at Boynton Beach on November 7th. Our last two games will be played against two fellow Boca Raton Schools in Olympic Heights and Spanish River high schools. We play Olympic Heights on November 14th and Spanish River on November 21st. 


The Boys Varsity basketball team plays Katz Yeshiva on November 23 as their first basketball game. We then play our rival high school Olympic Heights twice. Once on December 11th and once on January 12th. To wrap up the season we play South Fork on January 19th here at West Boca High School.


For now we must hope the best for the execution of the season and root for our West Boca Bulls.