Fear From Afar

Socially Distant Halloween Experiences



With Covid-19 limiting what can be done during Halloween, here are all of the safe events and activities that are going on in Florida for Halloween during 2020

Caroline Zavulunov, Social Media Editor

    October – the month of pumpkins, horror movies, jump scares, costumes, and of course Halloween. Nonetheless, with the danger of getting contaminated with Covid still being present, many people are struggling to figure out how to celebrate the spooky holiday safely. Some are even questioning whether to do anything at all this year. However, not to worry, because this article talks about all the activities and events that are open and feasible to do during Halloween this year, and they are all certified safe. 

Socially Distanced Haunted Houses

      Florida had not disappointed with all the events they had set up for everyone to enjoy. For one, they had set up multiple drive-thru haunted houses that you could visit from the safety of your own car. That’s right, you don’t even have to take one step out of your vehicle. The first drive thru haunted house is in Miami and it is called The Horrorland. It was one of the first drive-thru haunted house attractions established in South Florida that is sure to give you a scare. The members of HorrorLand have stated, “Live experiential entertainment awaits for you and will astound you. Halloween is not canceled! We invite all Halloween fans to opt in to play an immersive horror game. Horrorland is filled with such unexpected bursts of activity, and the experience provides a window into a kind of audience engagement beyond traditional.” They feature more than 6 different haunted houses with tickets starting from $68.99 per car, which varies depending on which day you choose to go. They are still open all the way until October 31st, so get your tickets before they sell out. 

      Another drive thru event is called The Haunted Road all the way in Orlando. In this event, you will follow along the journey of Rapunzel as she leaves her tower and enters the world of dread and horror that she is about to embark on. This is a 40 minute car ride with the tickets starting from $25 per vehicle and they’re running out fast!

       A final drive thru event that’s also happening in Orlando is Scream ‘N Stream. This event features a socially distanced and contactless trick or treat trail and a scary drive thru haunted house in the dead of night. You can also get the chance of meeting their terrifying Fog Queen and going on a creepy Airboat Tour. Tickets are on sale starting from $55 per vehicle for the drive thru, $54 for the trick or treat trail, and $28 for the Airboat tour.  

Socially Distanced Movie Events

    Apart from the drive-thru haunted house events, there are also drive-thru movie events. The Hard Rock Cafe Stadium in Miami has a Fountain Plaza Open Air Theater where people can watch a movie while being 6 feet apart outside. There is only one movie playing for the Halloween season, which is the Adams Family. It’s playing at 6:45 pm on October 30th. Tickets are on sale selling for $17 per person.

   Another drive thru movie event is in the Lake Worth Swap Shop and Drive In. This is a more traditional drive thru where you watch a movie from the comforts of your own car. They have many scary movies playing starting from 7:30pm anytime of the week. Prices vary from which movie you are planning on watching, but tickets are all on sale.    

Activities To Do At Home

   In addition to all the wonderful socially distance events that are available here are some suggestions of what you can do at home to celebrate this holiday. 

    The Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula  suggested you could dress up, and invite a small number of friends and family. You can even make it virtual through apps like Zoom or Google Meet. They also said you can decorate and carve pumpkins, or host a pumpkin decorating contest virtually. One final suggestion that I have could be to have a movie night where you get all of your friends and family and watch thousands of scary movies. You can dress up, have snacks, and make it a halloween movie party; you can also make it virtual and have a Netflix Party with whomever you like. 

   While Halloween is very different this year with the current pandemic and all the panic going on globally, there is still a chance to have an amazing halloween season. No matter what crazy and unexplainable things are happening in the word today, focus on the positives and enjoy a great halloween this year.