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TV representing TV Pro's struggles of trying to work during unprecedented times

TV representing TV Pro’s struggles of trying to work during unprecedented times

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

With the many hardships  encountered within this school year, some things have not been able to stay the same. Unfortunately TV Production is one of those circumstances and they are not able to work as they normally would. When asked about TV Pro, the teacher Ms. Whittaker even said “This year is by far the most challenging in trying to be creative about how we can broadcast the news and share our amazing videos with everyone.” While TV Production is having a tough time this year I figured it would be a great idea to explain how TV Pro normally conduct themselves as well as how they are improvising currently.


We decided to ask a couple of the TV Pro leaders how they would describe this year in just a couple of sentences. Kileigh Sailor responded with, “ With this situation we have been doing our absolute best to get the news out to West Boca. We are currently making our best class introduction video yet, as well as preparing to make the announcements accessible in a new virtual way!!” Another leader in TV Pro, Edward Schwartzman, stated that “We have been working hard to produce new videos for TV pro as soon as we can get it online. We took a few weeks to make teams and intro videos. I have made a detailed presentation on how we plan on adjusting the announcements to be possible online. Currently, the presentation is finished and will soon be shared with the school administrators so that they may make adjustments to get everything going. The announcements will either be on YouTube for anyone to view, or only available via a link found on the principals update or elsewhere if privacy is a concern.”


Since not all students are attending in person school this year, there have been many hardships in executing this year. Not only is the individual person lacking the needed software’s on their personal computers, but each individual student must film themselves at home rather than in their usual studio setting.


Although the TV Production crew is unable to make their usual morning news, they  are attempting to create a new segment called the “West Boca Bunch” as a more plausible alternative to the normal news. The crew is also working hard on creating a new introduction for the series with Kaitlyn Berg as the lead singer.


As of now, TV Production will be focusing on discussing current topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement as well as Covid-19.


Although the students here at West Boca may not be able to see the videos in a normal class setting, TV Production is working hard on creating a YouTube channel to post all of their content on. Unfortunately with many different clubs and sports clubs put on hold currently, there is not enough school news to report on.


In the crew’s new plan to return to creating news, they plan on completely changing the format of the news as we used to know it. The new plan would include scrapping the use of slides due to the fact that there is very little school information that needs to be announced.


As far as the fate of the usual two anchors go, they will actually be staying! The TV Production crew is doing everything possible to keep at least this one part of the format the same. Some of the options of executing virtual news telling would either be heavy editing or simply the two anchors in a Google Meet.

It is not set in stone for who are going to be the main anchors this year, but we can expect it to be similar to last year.  Kileigh Sailor, Sydni Torrero, Austin Koszer and Ed Schwartzman all were rotated as the anchors in previous years. We can expect at least two of them to maintain their title of the news anchor.


Other than the obvious hardships that the TV Pro crew is going to have throughout the year (especially in the field of editing) the main challenge is going to be getting students to watch the news. 


As of now everybody in TV Pro is working hard on the return of the school news.