Virtual Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering

Natasha Kuneff, Reporter

Volunteering and getting the required twenty hours (or more if you’re striving for a particular scholarship) may be a difficult task with the worldwide quarantine, even with the easing restrictions. Here is a list of four options you have to gather up your hours before graduation, or if you simply want something to pass the time while stuck at home.

1) Virtual Tutoring

You can tutor children virtually using TeensGive, and the application is on Google Forms, something most are familiar with. The sessions are delivered via laptop or phone, and everything is recorded (this gets sent to your school, so the hours are saved). To apply, some other basic information is needed, like your student I.D. and a letter of recommendation. Of course, this is for high school students, so you must be in 9th grade at the minimum (though if you’re under sixteen, parent approval is required). It’s one hour per week, one child per student because of every-increasing requests, so be sure to apply!

1) Meals on Wheels

This pandemic has been hard on seniors who face the greatest risk, and Meals on Wheels is a volunteer opportunity where people deliver food to the most vulnerable of our population. To do this, you need to have a driver’s license, so it may not be possible for most freshmen and sophomores. But it’s an interesting way to give back to the community, so check it out if you can.

3) Become an E-Buddy (not for school-related community service hours)

Best Buddies is now including the option to connect with somebody virtually. While it may not change your transcript, it’s a valid way to volunteer and have fun at the same time. Distance learning is also making it harder to meet new people, so by applying here, you can be matched with somebody—a future best friend, perhaps?

4) Find Something that Works Best for You

On the site Volunteens, there are countless options to choose from. Some are even in-person (though you would have to call each organization to see if they are allowing it). It’s a wonderful resource when looking for places to volunteer, even when quarantine is over. So browse the options, and maybe you’ll find a job that fits your schedule and interests.