All About WBHS Girls Golf


Coach Wanberg

The members of the West Boca Girls golf team.

Annael Toledano, Assistant Editor

 West Boca High School’s Women’s Golf Team has been around for a long time now. It’s a great group of girls making the students of West Boca proud. Here is an interview with Coach Wanberg discussing the golf season of the school year 2020-2021. 


Who are the members of the WBHS Women’s Golf team? 

  • Jamie Rick-Segrini, Senior 
  • Kirsten Whitman, Senior
  • Ashley Zukerman, Senior
  • Skye DeMordo, Junior
  • Rebecca Kittay, Freshman


Who are the captains of the WBHS Women’s Golf? 

  • The co-captains are Jamie Rick-Segrini and Skye Demordo.


Were there any complications with the restrictions this golf season? 

  • Our home course, Osprey Point, did not allow us to practice or play matches there this season due to Covid restrictions. Furthermore, it was very difficult to find courses in Boca that would allow us to practice. We had a shortened season as well. 


Coach Wanberg’s message to her team: 

  • I am truly going to miss the seniors. Jamie Rick-Segrini was on the team all four years and was the captain for two out of those four years. She is an incredible golfer and leader, and I am going to miss her! I am also going to miss Ashely and Kirsten as well. The team will not be the same without them. Although the season was very short, I am thankful that we were still allowed to have a season this year, especially with all of the Covid restrictions. We did the best we could and we had a great season this year!