Check Out Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit!


This 7-episode long series will have you on the edge of your seat with its battle of wits, dynamic presentation, and riveting storylines!

Set during the Cold War, young Beth Harmon, after being sent to an orphanage, finds out that she had a knack for chess and becomes dependent on green pills that they give to the children. The story follows her as she refines her chess skills through competition and more twists and turns dealing with her mental illness

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In one word, The Queen’s Gambit was amazing. I personally have almost no criticisms of this series: the pacing was great and not stretched out at all, the performances by the actors made me believe it was all real, the setting and costume designs were so intriguing, and the cinematography was riveting and thrilling to watch. I have never been so invested in chess or chess games before, but now I want to go buy a chessboard and learn all the moves and playing styles that were shown in the show (p.s. All the chess games in the series were real, just not the characters themselves). I would love to be able to just watch the show all over again with no memory, so I can get that same feeling the first time I binged it on Netflix. Netflix has been planning on shifting to more mini-series with only 1 season rather than prolonged series, and after watching The Queen’s Gambit this is totally the right direction for future Netflix originals!

The only thing that bothered me about the series was how certain plot devices were not as fleshed out, like how the Cold War setting was discussed then dropped for a couple of episodes then picked up multiple times. This story was based on a book, so it can be assumed that the book probably went into that aspect of the story deeper, but overall the story, the characters, and the experience of watching the show was definitely one to remember.