Uplifting News

Uplifting News

Maya Zohar, Staff Writer

2020 has been a year of misfortune and for people all over the world. Starting from Australian fires all the way to COVID-19 and quarantine. Due to these terrible events, people everywhere have fallen into a period of sorrow and hopelessness. Unfortunately, the news is too busy talking about the horrors of 2020 that they fail to bring up the joyful and heart warming events. Here are some positive events that have occurred this year!


  • Utah Wildlife Bridge

Utah has an extremely diverse wildlife population. They live in forests and on mountains where they thrive. Sadly, they have been put at risk once roads started being built through their homes. 

Due to human technology and transportation rapidly advancing, those poor animals were being run over daily. Luckily, Utah decided to take action and help stop and guide animals for them to avoid being killed. The department of transportation built a bridge crossing over interstate 80 for wild animals to migrate. Deers, moose, elks, and raccoons have been able to cross over the most animal slaughtering road all in one piece. 


  • Bee population increasing in the states 

The bee population in the United States has always been a critical issue. Bee’s are a vital part of the environment and without them vegetation would not grow as well which would cause a chain of events ending with people struggling for food and survival. Fortunately, the bee population has increased by 14% since January 2019 and it is only getting better. 


  • Gray wolf no longer endangered 

The Gray wolf has been endangered for over 45 years. Thankfully, the Trump administration has announced that they have been taken off the endangered species act and are on the road to recovery. Gray wolves are a vital part of the ecosystem. They help maintain a balance by hunting their prey which keeps from overpopulation and allow vegetation to thrive as well. With the help of organizations, landowners, and government administrations the Gray wolf was saved from extinction and stronger than ever.


  • Ancient cave painting found in Amazon Forest

Archeologists in the Amazon Forest have found an 8 mile prehistoric rock covered in paintings from over 12,600 years ago. The paintings consisted of animals, humans, and their interactions. Archaeologists even discovered paintings of animals that were alive during the ice age but are now extinct. Through these historical paintings they were able to learn more about how a caveman’s life was like and what tools and diets they used to survive. This discovery has given a connection to the past and an opportunity to learn more about it. 


  • Scientists discovering massive coral reef 

Coral reefs are a beautiful and important aspect of the ecosystem. It is home to many diverse aquatic creatures and it also protects coastlines if there is ever a storm or threats of erosion. Due to pollution, these coral reefs have been becoming more and more contaminated posing a threat to everyone. Fortunately, a so-called “massive” coral reef was recently discovered in Australia, also known as the Great Barrier Reef. It measures approximately 500 meters and is even taller than the empire state building in New York. It is the largest coral reef to be discovered and hopefully maintained.