The Literary League Club

The Literary League Club

Natasha Kuneff, Reporter

Words drift off the page, surrounding its readers with the characters and worlds inside. Books provide insight into other cultures—real and imaginary, and there is a club dedicated to reading them for later discussion: The Literary League.

There is an aim of a book a month with a meeting at the middle and end of the novel. During the Google Meet (which transpires during lunch), the current book is discussed, students engage in games (for instance, Jeopardy and Kahoot) with small prizes awarded at the end, and members vote on future books. While reading, a Padlet may be posted on Google Classroom if there is a particularly surprising moment, though it may have varying purposes depending on the book.

The members of the club assist in determining what they will be reading. A survey is conducted, and everyone’s preferred genres are marked as well as suggestions for future works to read. Before anything is elected, each book needs to be confirmed accessible to all the students (as a virtual option, MackinVIA is employed since it has many digital copies. Though there may also be paperbacks in the library). Currently, the Literary League is finishing We Were Liars, and once it’s completed, they’ll repeat the process for the books to come.

As a book nears its end, a survey is carried out where each member gives a star rating, the results of which are announced to the club. If anyone is interested in joining, there’s still time before the next novel begins, so be such to check out the club’s Google Classroom page (the code is found here).