WB Students Share Their Pandemic Friendly Hobbies


This pandemic period has required many to be creative when it comes to how they spend their free time. We hope you enjoy the following suggestions!

Annael Toledano, Assistant Editor

Throughout this pandemic that has been very prevalent in everyone’s lives, it has been crucial for individuals to adapt and continue meanwhile following regulations. As students in high school, it has been extremely difficult to sit back and watch our high school years fly by without the typical experiences. However, this is, unfortunately, an ongoing situation and we have had to adjust to it. As fortunate as we are to live in beautiful South Florida most students have been able to discover new places, find new hobbies, all while accommodating their daily life to the current pandemic. As we move forward and continue to grow, expand and learn new knowledge every day. Here are some activities that you may want to participate in that your fellow peers enjoy! 


Amanda Siegel: Going to South County with some old and new friends playing volleyball. 


Paola Orellana: I’ve been going to the park and hosting picnics with my close friend group. It has allowed me and my friends to enjoy the outdoors while spending some quality time together.


Allen Uzsinay: I played some new Xbox games and discovered my new favorite Super Smash Bros!


Kassidy Hansen: I’ve been going to the beach to snorkel and pick up plastic and other trash that people leave behind in the ocean. 


Sara Arenas: I’ve been going to watch the sunset at roofs/parking lots and skate at the same time. 


Gigi Stallone: I’ve started going to the beach with my friends at sunset! It’s been a great activity that has allowed us to be outdoors and socially distant from others. 


Ashley Annese: A fun activity I have been participating in recently is going to local skateparks with my friends. 


Vincent Shockley: Over this pandemic, I have enjoyed playing golf. It’s a great activity that I’ve enjoyed while following the pandemic guidelines. 


Natasha Kuneff: I’ve started hanging out with my friends in local shopping centers. We frequently enjoy spending time at Fresh Market and enjoying their delicious foods. 


Hopefully some of these activities suggested by fellow West Boca students will be something you enjoy too!