Our West Boca High Track Team


Although different, our Track team is determined to succeed this year

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

Like all sports, Track for our boys and girls runners is going to be very different from previous years. There will be mask-wearing when not running, constant sanitizing of hands and much more to ensure the safety of the runners.


The try-outs for the Track team happened on Wednesday January 27th and the official roster is to be released soon. Although the official roster isn’t out yet, Coach Chapman said that Delaney Kennedy and Isa Santovenia would be the two captains for the boys and girls team. Coach Chapman said, “They have been on the team for a few years now and demonstrate great leadership and performance.” when elaborating on why they deserve the captain role. 


As far as the Track season, there is a lot of gray to be filled in. What we know now is that all runners will be required to wear masks and social distance when not running. In practice while running, they are put into smaller groups (still socially distanced) to better benefit the runners. 


As far as Coach Chapman himself, he was born a runner. Since he was a child he has always been on the track team and constantly running. He took this passion of his when he went to Slippery Rock University and continued his running in college. In his time at college, Coach Chapman had broken multiple records as well as won championships. Mr. Chapman has been the coach the Coach of our West Boca Bulls Track team for 5 years. 


At the end of Coach Chapman’s response he stated, “This year we hope to push these athletes as hard as we can and take them to the next level.”