Checking the Pulse of the Medical Academy


With the coronavirus restrictions imposed on the school, the academies are facing difficulties in providing students a similar experience as in past years. The Medical Sciences Academy, where students left school to go on clinicals and travel to various sites (West Boca Medical Center, CVS, Walgreens, therapy clinics, athletic events, or Coral Springs Fire), is limited in its options. Safety is a priority, and there is a present risk for sickness when entering any care facility, particularly in current times.

The hospital is not permitting clinicals, and the Medical Academy put on hold all community service requirements to account for the constraints of this year. To simulate the academy experience as best as possible, guest speakers come to senior classes (and past students, who are now doctors in the field, return to give lectures). YouTube tutorials are also something they rely on to do what should have been hands-on.

There are five different programs to select from, though EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) is currently not listed until the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. However, if you are a senior, a Medical Sciences Academy completer, have seventh period available, and are interested in this course, email Mrs. Stiepleman. She will hold an informative meeting at the end of the year. The academy’s Google Classroom (Medical Academy/HOSA) has additional information on the other electives.

Certifications can only be obtained by those in class. Distance learning students will only be able to receive them once they return to school, so if a student is in Health Sciences Foundation (the class that teaches the inner workings of the medical field and its facilities — and where most earn their certificates), they will have to take the tests in person.

The academy may be functioning differently, but it is attempting to stay as true to its program as it was prior to the pandemic. It may be difficult to do certain tasks, but once restrictions ease and the coronavirus cases drop, everything will gradually return to normal.