What’s New in the Performing Arts Academy?

Madison Ginsberg, Roaming Reporter

West Boca High School is filled with so many amazing academies and provides countless opportunities for students to learn about what they wish to pursue in their future. The West Boca Performing Arts department consists of theatre, dance, band, and chorus. The talent of the students in Palm Beach County has increased so much over the recent years and West Boca has taken it into their hands to make getting into the performing arts academy much more difficult. In the past students were only required to apply towards getting into the program, now students must audition to showcase their vocal and dance skills in an attempt to be accepted into the West Boca Theatre Department. Is West Boca High School trying to become the next Dreyfoos of South Palm Beach County?

Although the West Boca Drama Department did get a late start to the school year, that didn’t stop Mr.Blank, head of the West Boca Performing Arts Academy, from getting started on another show. Mr.Blank decided on going the virtual route in early November when he discovered a new show entitled “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon”.

Written by Don Zolidis, ‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’ is performed by West Boca students in which they resemble the characters in the fairy tale. This play originated from two brothers named Grimm who collected and preserved about 209 fairy tales that we know today. Only a few fairy tales are featured throughout the play, but what makes this show much different from many others is that Zolidis added a little twist. Throughout the play, Zolidis incorporates the current effects of the coronavirus into the script creating a much more realistic, modern-day feel to the story. West Boca’s production of ‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’ will be released in April of 2021!

Additionally, West Boca Drama Department just held auditions for the upcoming musical Urinetown. Urinetown the Musical is one of the few comedy shows the West Boca Performing Arts Department has put on. Urinetown takes the audience through the miseries of life when a town has experienced a water shortage for over 20-years, requiring the government to put a price tag on using the bathroom. After years of suffering, the poor people stage a revolt where they fight to earn their freedom to pee.

The cast list is just around the corner from being posted and West Boca students are so excited to start rehearsals. They can’t wait to be able to get back onto the stage after a long and dreaded year of online repercussions. West Boca Drama Department is so proud to announce their two new shows for the 2020-2021 school year and is so ready to get back to what they love doing. Go Bulls!