WBHS Class of 2022 Mr & Miss Bull


Antonio Alcima and Brooke Sullivan

Brooke Sullivan and Antonio Alcima!

Annael Toledano, Assistant Editor

West Boca High School is excited to welcome Brooke Sullivan and Antonio Alcima as the class of 2022’s Ms & Mr Bull! As the new leading spirit members, below is a message officially introducing themselves!


Antonio Alcima:

“This is your 2022 Mr.Bull but I also go by Antonio Alcima. Ever since day one of campaigning for this position I’ve been bursting with pure excitement and anticipation for what I can possibly do for the school and our students. Now that I’ve been elected I have so many things to think about and consider for the upcoming school year. Overall, I’m striving to be the best Mr. Bull this school has seen yet! Personally I know I’ll put 110% into this position, from boosting school morale and generally making sure everyone who sees me will leave with a smile or a big laugh. My biggest goal is to make sure the pep rallies for the upcoming school year are as entertaining as they could possibly be, with special emphasis on the Mr/Ms. Bull performances. I plan to use that opportunity choreograph amazing dances, entertaining games, and I’m definitely gonna say some of my best jokes while I can! So overall we got a lot of things cooking for 2022, so stay tuned!”

Brooke Sullivan:

“I’m Brooke Sullivan and I am 17 years old and currently a junior at WBHS. Some of my interests include going to the beach with my friends (especially during the sunrise), fashion, and editing videos. Over the past year, I’ve picked up a couple hobbies like sewing and surfing (which I am definitely not skilled at yet haha). Being elected as class of 2022’s Miss. Bull is so mind blowing to me and I am so honored to be given this position. A goal of mine is to make school something everyone can enjoy. Not only pep rallies, but I want people to come to school and look forward to the activities the school puts on, spirit weeks, and more. Overall, I want to make school more of a positive environment. Another goal of mine is more on a personal level is to stay positive no matter what. We’ve learned in the past year that anything can come completely unexpected, it is an important goal to stay positive under all circumstances. With senior year creeping up, I am constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts that can be used in store for next year. Again I am so so honored to be class of 2022’s Miss. Bull and I’m so excited to see what the upcoming year brings us!”


The West Boca Bullseye would like to congratulate all those who ran for this position and are excited to see what this duo has in store!