Meet Ms. Allison Graham: English 1 and English 2


Natasha Kuneff, Reporter


Where did you teach prior to WBHS?

Pace Center for Girls, Hillsborough High School, and Deerfield Beach High School.


Where are you from? Additionally, tell us something about yourself.

Born and raised in Broward County. I am as of yet an unpublished poet, but I am getting my work together so I can self-publish by the end of this year.


What is your favorite aspect of teaching?

Watching students seek excellence and seeing their growth and change.


From where did you graduate?

Boyd H. Anderson High School, University of South Florida, and Nova Southeastern University.


Is there anything you would like to share with students who may be interested in taking your course?

Yes, come prepared to read, read, and read! Literacy is my love, and I love helping students develop a love and appreciation of the written word and to want to read outside of class.