Pandemically Possible

2020 became a year where the stage and studio format for movement were shut down. Dancers found themselves in an abyss of somewhat hopelessness. Pandemically Possible is simply about how dance can still be possible for the professional, the student, the hobbyist, the imprisoned, the free, the adult, and the child. This show represents using what we have as a department to literally move forward rather than pondering what we do not have or what we would like within this time. Each dance is created by the students with choreographic direction from our director. This is our first show digitally, and the hope is that viewers are inspired to not be ruled by the trials, but to rise from the rubble and build a new day of possibilities. Our ultimate goal for dance at West Boca is to promote citizenship, character development, and agents of change through the art of Dance. We are brand new but with much intentionality, perseverance, and patience we know we will blossom into a beautiful rose.

Written by Dance Director: Alonzo Williams in collaboration with Dance Academy President: Sabrina Mugavero and Vice President: Sara Menco Arenas


Premiering Live on Youtube at 8:00pm

Youtube Link to Premiere Channel: