The Struggle to be Heard


David Rudd, Editor

After many unverified election fraud claims regarding the 2020 election were thrown out by courts, state legislatures are beginning to curb voting by mostly liberal demographics. In the name of voter security, states are deliberately suppressing American voters.

While many politicians throughout the country have pushed claims of fraud, American elections are the most secure they’ve ever been. The members of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee stated, “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.” Genuine fraud is extremely rare and is easily picked upon due to the systems already in place. This hasn’t stopped politicians from taking extreme measures in the name of election security.

The most infamous bill to pass in recent weeks is from Georgia. Georgia’s Republican congress and governor recently passed an “election security” bill, which is clearly designed to limit voting by working class Americans, (a group that leans liberal). The state has become increasingly liberal in the past few years, and instead of working on voter outreach or adjusting their platforms, the state’s Republicans decided to target the voting rights of their opponents. While some aspects of the bill are reasonable moves to prevent fraud, such as requiring ID to vote, (though experts have suggested that voter ID is not necessary,) other sections of the bill are clear in it’s intent. Urban and suburban Gerogian counties have had their polling stations limited and early voting on Sundays is now barred. Working class Georgians rely on polling stations’ broad hours in order to find a time that doesn’t interfere with their work and cast their ballots. However, polling stations are only open from 9-5 which are prime working hours. Consequently, this law will most certainly result in long lines at polling places that may turn away those who work or have families to care for. No excuse absentee ballots, a voting method that is more often used by voters of liberal leaning demographics, is also no longer allowed.

This is not just in Georgia. Around the country there have been hundreds of bills proposed under the false guise of election security. More and more Republicans around the country have decided that their best shot at winning elections is to suppress the vote of opposing demographics. Instead of reaching across the aisle or engaging independents, an increasingly fading party chooses to take extreme, Jim Crow-esque measures to ensure their re-election.

Voting is crucial to America’s democracy. Ensuring those votes are legitimate and secure is also important. That being said, America’s elections are some of the most secure in the world. Election fraud in the United States is extremely rare, and when it does occur, perpetrators are immediately caught and punished. Also crucial to democracy is the ability for everyone to vote. Working and minority families are more affected than any other group. These families are also the ones who will have the hardest time voting because of these new measures. Georgia and other states’ election security bills are fundamentally un-American and stand in stark contrast to our founders’ ideals of a strong and functioning democracy.