When will we be required to go to school for 2021-22?


Natasha Kuneff, Reporter


In the fall of the 2021-2022 school year, students of Palm Beach County will return to in-person classes. If not, they must then decide between Florida Virtual School (FLVS) or Palm Beach Virtual School.


School will begin on August 10th like every year. While shortening summer for students, the date has reasoning behind it. Many are falling behind, and they need to be caught up as soon as possible, and it would be good to go back on track. It also has the first quarter end before winter break, so students can take midterms and leave for the holidays.

Additionally, vulnerable employees need to be paid (like bus drivers, who are only receiving a paycheck on days they work, not during summer).

The long gap would make it difficult for them to sustain themselves. Students, who may want a normal break that does not severely shorten their summer, could use more time for AP, AICE, IB, and FSA tests, particularly because many fell behind this year (and next may include a lot of catching up).


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