Sports Reaction to Georgia Voting Laws

Sports Reaction to Georgia Voting Laws

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

Following the implementation of Georgia’s new controversial voter suppression laws, there has been a very strong response from the sports world. 


This new law would make it illegal to give water to those in a voting line and other necessities even in an emergency situation. Many different leagues and specific athletes have spoken against the new law although there has been no signs of change yet. 


Leagues such as the NBA, NFL, PGA, and many others have spoken against it along with many of the athletes within them. The most notable move from any league came from MLB (Major League Baseball). The MLB was scheduled to host their all star game during the summer in the city of Atlanta. Following the implementation of this new law, they had decided to completely relocate the games to Denver, Colorado. 


This is the first true sign of MLB taking a position on controversial topics. Many other leagues such as the NBA had been much more influential and active within their communities. 


One of the most influential athletes of our time or possibly ever is Lebron James. He has been just about the most vocal athlete in terms of social justice and change. The NBA and Lebron have both strongly encouraged and supported change and faced backlash. This has not stopped Lebron from voicing his opinions, although. In the article “Lebron James’ voting rights group focuses on Georgia with NBA All Star game ad” it shows Lebron’s dismissal of the then proposed laws (the article was published in early March). Lebron gives examples of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor killings and the protests as a result. He praises the change that the social justice movements lead to. Lebron states “And now look what they’re trying to do to silence us. Using every trick in the book.” 


It is clear to see that Lebron and many other influential athletes and people are vocally against these new voting laws and fear that they are slowing change for the better within communities.