Annael Toledano – Farewell letter


Annael Toledano, Assistant Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Annael Toledano and I’m the assistant editor of the West Boca Bullseye. I’ve been in newspaper for the past two years and through it all, I can confidently say this class has taught me so much. Not only have I become a better writer, but also learned how to be more alert during ongoing events. I was put into this class sophomore year by accident and I was fortunate enough to unlock a secret passion. Newspaper was never something I thought I would enjoy, but it truly has become my favorite class. I’ve picked up more of an outgoing and curious personality and it has been so nice to look at the world in a broader light. There is so much information and knowledge that needs to be shared in this world and this class has really made me understand that. These two years have been a rollercoaster, but I’m very grateful to have been in a role that has kept me so invested. It has been so fun writing articles all about school upcoming events, local entertainment, new additions to the WB faculty, and much more. Although this chapter of my life is coming to an end is bittersweet; I feel ready to enter the real world and use my newly obtained skills on a larger scale.