Farewell from the Advisor


Mrs. Rosenblum, Advisor

This has certainly been a year. What is that phrase: “May you live in interesting times?” These times have been interesting. Running a student newspaper virtually has been an extended challenge. Our editor, David Rudd, has been behind the scenes running the show as we brainstormed and found new ideas to write about. This definitely wasn’t what he had in mind when he was chosen as our Editor in Chief.
I am pretty sure this year’s newspaper has an outsized amount of the words Covid-19, quarantine, virtual, and pandemic. The staffers wrote about mental health, creative ideas for things to do and cook, and how this has all impacted our school and the world. We have new staffers that have never set foot in the school building and older staffers that never returned. For the past few months, it has been Cynthia Schneider who has kept me company in person while everyone else was on their screen.
That being said, this has been an incredibly productive year for the school newspaper. The student reporters took the bull by the horns (so to speak) and creatively reinvented the paper using what they had at their disposal since there were no in-person events. We covered sports, dance, theater, medical, and many other topics and areas of the school. I will certainly miss David Rudd, Cynthia Schneider, Annael Toledano (who graduates a bit prematurely!), Caroline Zavulonov, and Ashley Anesse (a 4-year reporter!). I am looking forward to new adventures for them and for the newspaper next year as we come back to school and hopefully back into the swing of a true high school experience.
Teaching through a pandemic has been different for sure, but I truly believe that The Bullseye staff stepped up to the challenge. Please continue to read and support student news and best of luck to our outgoing staff!

Best Wishes,
Mrs. Rosenblum