Cynthia Schneider – Farewell letter


Cynthia Schneider

I am so grateful for the last four years at West Boca and for all the great teachers and people I met along the ride. I was given so many opportunities to challenge myself, meet new people, and reach my full potential, but this is just the beginning for me! During my time at The Bullseye for the last 3 years I was able to write multiple articles on topics I was passionate about like politics or the achievements of my fellow students. The class was just so fun and social with our occasional pizza party or brainstorming days when we were in school full-time in person.
I don’t have great advice except do what you want to do. If you want to push yourself academically and strive for high marks, do that, but if you want to have a high school experience less focused on grades that is completely valid!
Thank you West Boca and The Bullseye for the last few years and I cannot wait to go to college! A lot of my accomplishments were facilitated by my time at West Boca and the amazing teachers I had, so I am forever thankful for what this school has offered me academically and socially. During my time at West Boca, other than being a staff writer and research editor at The Bullseye, I was involved in multiple clubs and took challenging classes. I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia come fall and it’s all thanks to my hard work and all the people I met at West Boca (and beyond) who helped me along the way.