Caroline Zavulunov – Farewell Letter


Caroline Zavulunov, Staff Writer

Dear West Boca Raton Community High School,

As the school year comes to a close, the class of 2021 prepares to say goodbye. That being said, I wanted to say thank you for the time I spent at West Boca. High school was filled with

excitement, knowledge, development, and of course laughter at every turn. Going in, I was excited to be going through this milestone during my life, but I was ultimately scared of how it would turn out. What I experienced, however, was one I never expected.

While, yes, it was in most ways what I expected in regards to classes being harder with more rigor, and I would have more responsibility. However, I never expected to make a close bond with the friends I have made and the teachers that I’ve had. I found people I could connect with and teachers that care about more than how you’re doing in the classroom, but who also care about how you’re doing outside the classroom as well. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates and going through the high school experience with them. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed getting to be in the newspaper which gave me the opportunity to grow as a writer and a person and also gave me the opportunity to get involved in the school.

Although this school year was different, considering we all had to go through it during a pandemic, I will never forget the memories I made throughout my journey in high school, whether it was writing articles for the newspaper, studying for exams, hanging out with my friends, or going to pep rallies. They all have shaped me into the person I am today and left an imprint I will always remember which I will be taking with me wherever I go. I can’t wait to experience all the other milestones that West Boca has prepared me for including college, where I will be attending Florida International University studying psychology.

Once again, thank you West Boca for these amazing and wonderful years. Good luck to all upcoming and ongoing students in West Boca.


Caroline Zavulunov