Summer is back!


Vincent Shockley, Reporter

With vaccination numbers heading up and coronavirus cases spiraling downwards, this shortened summer may be very close to normal. 


In the summer of 2020, there was hardly anything to do. Nobody really knew anything about the virus, what it could do to you, and how it is spread. This prompted many to stay inside although some activities were available (such as Disney reopening on July 11th, 2020). With the U.S. gaining around 20,000 or more cases a day (usually) in summer 2020, you could hardly do anything other than spend time with one or two friends. 


This is all changing this summer. Restrictions have been lifted almost fully as masks are becoming a thing of the past for those who are fully vaccinated and others who choose not to wear one. Also, Covid cases in the U.S. are only about 15,000 a day compared to last summer’s 50,000+.


This means the return of non-socially distanced mass gatherings can start again. There have been multiple large events held in the past few weeks. With the return of the NBA playoffs, multiple teams had allowed maximum capacity for the first time in over a year. The New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Utah Jazz are all doing so. This has resulted in a great atmosphere in these stadiums as many fans were eager for the experience to head back to these stadiums. On top of the sold out crowd inside, there are also watch parties of thousands right outside of the stadium. This summer you can catch a sports game as you used to. The Chicago Cubs (baseball) are also reopening to around maximum capacity in one of the most infamous stadiums of all time -Wrigley Field. It is great for historic stadiums like these to finally be enjoyed again.


Concerts are also in the process of making a comeback. There are hundreds of concerts slated to take place over the summer that were not able to happen in 2020. Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will be host to many of these concerts, as well as many popular artists heading to Miami this summer for the Rolling Loud concert series. 


Regardless of who’s performing, this summer will definitely be a breath of fresh air as normalcy is returning.