5 Reasons Why Everyone Can Run…

5 Reasons Why Everyone Can Run...

Loni Solomon, Reporter

Most people think of running as a form of punishment, especially distance running. Well, I am here to tell you that running can be as fun and enjoyable as any team sport! West Boca High Students, this is your chance! If you or your friends are looking to join a sport in school, make some new friends, and get in great shape, cross country is the way to go! 

Reason number 1: Running is one of the body’s most natural ways of moving. 

New research shows that humans may have evolved as natural runners. From the build of muscles and ligaments to the ability to sweat… humans have the ideal shape to be long distance runners. Running is almost as natural to humans as walking. There are no special skills required in order to run. All you need is your body, a pair of shoes, and a determined mindset. 

Reason number 2: Running is very easy to become invested in… 

Ever heard of a runner’s high? Runner’s high is a deeply relaxing state of euphoria. Euphoria brings people extreme joy and delight. Once a person feels a runner’s high, they don’t want to stop! Running is something that anyone can get invested into. There is no need for any special equipment or skills. You, a pair of shoes, and a strong, willing mind, is all that is needed. For high schoolers with a limited budget, running is the sport for you! 

Reason number 3: No special talents needed

The way to become a better runner is pretty simple… Run more! The more you run, the more endurance and speed you will gain. Anyone can run, so everyone can improve their running. 

Reason number 4: Low Danger Factor             

Yes, runners can get some lingering injuries once and a while. Yet, it  is much less dangerous than a football concussion or a broken leg or arm. There are rarely any life threatening incidents runners will experience.         

Reason number 5: Run anywhere and everywhere

Running does not require a gym, field, or even a track. All you need is the open pavement/ road and your mind, body and soul. To run, you don’t need a reservation. You can run anytime, anyplace, and any destination. No limits, no precautions, just you!


Moral of the story is to never be afraid of trying something new. Whether that be a new sport or a new class in school. No matter what people say, you make your own choices. You do not have to run as a sport if you don’t want to… but what’s the harm in trying! Come join the West Boca High School Cross Country team and you can have 3.1 miles of fun!