Club Rush 2021


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Nicole Stone, Reporter

    Club Rush on August 25, 2021 was a great success! It was a very fun and exciting atmosphere with people laughing and talking, and music playing in the background. Club Rush is a time when club leaders and club members promote their clubs to the students at West Boca. There were many tables set up featuring posters and tri-fold boards with information advertising each club. Many of the clubs were able to recruit new individuals for their clubs. Club Rush allowed students to ask questions about specific clubs, interact with current members, and receive information about club activities. With over 30 unique clubs at West Boca, students have a wide variety from which to choose. Whether your passion is dance, math, science, debate, helping others, or improving the environment, there is a club for everyone at West Boca. 

      For example, the Key Club is an international organization that promotes leadership and service towards others.  Members at West Boca have participated in beach clean ups, and other community service projects.  The Math (Mu Alpha Theta) and Science National Honor Societies club work to further students’ knowledge and interest in math and science respectively.  Each of these two great clubs also provide free tutoring for students at West Boca. The Education Rocks club is an international leadership program that promotes kids helping kids to further education in underdeveloped countries.  Each member of this club raises money to send a child in an underdeveloped country to school.  So, being in a club helps both students at West Boca, and the entire community as a whole. According to Ms. Steel, Student Government Advisor (SGA Advisor) at West Boca, “it is very important for students to join different clubs to expand their horizons and figure out what their passions are.” 

      In addition to joining an existing club at West Boca, it is also possible to start a new club if one would like. The first thing that one would need to do is find a teacher who would be willing to sponsor the new club. This teacher must be willing and able to attend all meetings and club events.  Once a sponsor is found, the sponsor would reach out to Mr. Dorfberger via email to get the Club Request Form. After the club is approved, then one would be able to begin recruiting new members into his/her club. 

      If you happened to miss Club Rush this year, no worries, there are still opportunities to join clubs this year.  Simply click on the following link to find out who the club sponsor is and send them an email to find out when the next club meeting is and how you can join in on the fun. The link is: Remember it is always important to become involved in all different clubs and activities throughout your high school career.  You will have a lot of fun, meet new people, have the opportunity to help others, and earn community service hours. 

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