West Boca’s More “Devious” Side

Vincent Shockley, Reporter

The effects of social media on school have shown once again with the most recent trend, “devious licks.” These devious licks are not harmless jokes that everyone can sit back and laugh at  — it is a crime.

Beginning a few weeks ago, a user on TikTok posted a video with a strange object in his backpack and deemed it a “devious lick.” This user made a few more of these with his own household items, but some of those who viewed the video began to take strange objects that mostly seem like they belong in a school.

What really escalated this destructive trend was a student stealing a soap dispenser from a school bathroom and putting it into his bookbag. Following this TikTok, students all across America began vandalizing the bathrooms with the main objective of social media fame.  

If you were to go into any bathroom in West Boca High School  (primarily the boys’ restrooms), there will most likely be no soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and in some cases the bathroom could be completely trashed. There is no rhyme or reason to this trend, just destruction. 

For those who believe that you can rip soap dispensers off the walls, tear down paper towels and toilet paper holders, and vandalize the bathroom in general, you will have serious consequences.

A school police officer had told me that “You will be arrested; it’s vandalism.” For all of those who believe that you can get away with this, short and simple- you can’t.

No matter how you look at it, these “Devious Licks” are negative for everyone. They create extra work for janitors, legal issues with students, and cause unnecessary expenses on supplies (paper towels, soap, toilet paper),  not to mention the legitimate legal trouble that you would run into if caught. 

If still in doubt, here is Principal Capitano’s message:

“Dear Students and parents,

I have to say I’m extremely proud of our student population. They’re courteous, respectful of each other and their teachers, as well as the administrators.

Unfortunately, I have to send this email out to everyone because of a few students that are engaging in these Social Media “Tik Tok” challenges.  So, if this DOES NOT pertain to you, you made stop reading this email.

If though, you are participating, and/or thinking of participating in these challenges, I think it’s only fair that you understand the consequences of these actions.

Students are reporting other students for causing damage to our restrooms and planning monthly challenges.

First, the majority of the challenges are illegal activities disguised as “harmless” activities. Since they are illegal, they are crimes and will be treated as such through School Police and then turned over to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office. Anyone that is involved in doing harm to the personal property of a teacher or student, the victim will have the option to press charges against the individual and all those involved. This also goes for anyone that takes video of the damage or theft.

So, if you are causing damage to your school, you are going to receive a 10 day (2 weeks) suspension we will also explore the option to transfer you to an alternative educational school. You are not expelled, you just can’t come back to West Boca High School property anymore. If you are in an academy, you will go to the alternative school for a duration of time and then return to your home school.

I’m proud of you all, how hard you work to bring yourselves back to West Boca after days or for most, years away from our school. We all worked as a team to make it welcoming while bringing you back to your academic home.

It’s all for you to feel proud that you are in a College Preparatory School.

Have a great night and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

So you must ask yourselves, is it really worth the 15 minutes of fame?