The West Boca School Store


Isaac Edelman, Reporter

The West Boca School Store, which is run by students at West Boca High School, is part of an organization called FBLA. FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. The organization’s goal is to inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

At West Boca, students work at the school store and earn community service hours. During the process, students gain training on how to provide service to the student population. In addition, students strengthen their ability to interact with other students. They also learn how to be a cashier, work in customer service,  and important problem solving skills.

Other Information

The West Boca School Store is open ONLY during lunch and students are required to wear masks while in the store. 

What Can You Buy At The School Store?

There are many options at the West Boca School Store. Students can buy candy or even soda. There are also meals on sale for students. For example, students can buy mac and cheese, pizza, ramen, and even coffee. Students can also buy school apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, lanyards, and leggings.