Evolution of Pop Culture

Evolution of Pop Culture

Loni Solomon, Reporter

As the years go on and seasons change, the term “pop culture” changes as well. “Pop culture” is usually defined as the vernacular or culture of people that dominates a society at a given point in time. Everyday we have interactions with people. These interactions are determined by the “pop culture” of our generation. The style or way of dress, use of slang, foods eaten, and way of greeting, are all examples of popular culture that can succumb to an entire generation of people. Popular music, magazines, sports, entertainment, leisure, advertising, and television can all be influenced by pop culture. From the 1950’s to today, pop culture has evolved at the same rate as birds and bugs!


What was popular?

– Baby boomers (born 1946- 1964) began to approach their teenage years. 

-Rock and Roll quickly took over, because of teens. Elvis Presley and Little Richard became very popular, and rose to their stardom.

– By 1955, half of Americans had a television. This led to the creation of television programs like Father Knows Best, Leave it to the Beaver, and Captain Kangaroo.

– Americans became very fond of the “sports car” concept. The most popular was the 1957 Chevy.  

-The Yankees became a very popular baseball team, due to their domination in the MLB. Players like Joe Dimaggio and Yogi Berra were loved nationwide. 

-Designers like Coco Chanel were a major influence in the world, with her iconic jacket designs. Red pleather booths

-Coca Colas, milkshakes, jukebox machines, and juicy burgers were all the rage in this time of dancing , fun and poodle skirts! 


What was popular?

-During this decade, the rise of teen culture and mass media was causing some major conflicts and diversity. Kids during this decade were not aware of poverty, like their parents, who lived during WW2 and the great depression.

– The Youth Movement in the Civil Rights Movement became extremely popular. 

-One of the most definitive reads of the decade was released To Kill A Mockingbird, making a revolutionary mark on the still, somewhat, segregated, America. 

-The Beatles are heard everywhere! Pocket sized radios, eight track stereos, and portable record players… you name it!

-Drive- in movie theaters was all the rage! Nearly 6,000 drive-ins were established in 1962


What was popular?

-The hippie culture that started in the late 60s, made its way up to the new decade!

-Opposition to the Vietnam War, opposition to nuclear weapons, promotion of world peace, and hostility and revolution towards big businesses and the government.

-Jumpsuits, turtlenecks, hot pants, and so much more…

-Popular cars in the early 70ś were the Challenger, Cuda, and Corvette… muscle cars soon took over!

-Tv shows that challenged bigotry were all the rage in this time of peace, love and equality man!

-Tragedy struck in the 72’ Munich Olympics, 11 Israeli Olympians were killed in a terrorist attack.

-There was so much variety in music in the 70ś! Funk, soul, R&B, pop, hard rock, soft rock, and dico.


What was popular?

-The 1980ś can be described as horrible and absolutely amazing at the same time.

-The decade of neon, color combinations, weird fashion, music was crazy, and commercialism was consuming everyone!

-Whats the best thing about the 80ś ? Duh… the movies!

-Fashion consisted of bright color accessories, teased hair, loud makeup, and neon. MTV had a huge influence on teen fashion.

-E.T, Goonies, Freddie Kreuger, and more!

-Ferraris and Lamborghinis became all the hype in every household, as they were such a cool looking luxury.

-Madonna, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, Slick Rick, and the Beastie Boys, dominated the music industry.

-Joe Montana was super popular in American households, being one of the best Quarterbacks in American football!


What was popular?

-All time favorite car: the Dodge Viper

-The fashion of the 90ś was totally loose fitting and colorful. Skidz pants, Air Jordans, and tshirts that look like a dress! Tapered pants and baseball caps for young boys and girls!

-The Titanic became the most successful movie ever to exist! Pulp Fiction, Se7en, 12 Monkeys, and Natural Born Killers, were super popular cult inspired movies. 

-Music in the 90ś was truly inspired! Pop, Country, Rap and Hip-hop, were some of the most popular genres of music.

-Millenials were born!

-Baseball in the old ball park became super popular again.

-Video becomes sophisticated and silly dinosaurs like Barney fascinated children.

Early 2000’s:

What was popular?

-Skinny Jeans

-Xbox 360

-Razor Scooter



-Zhu Zhu Pets

-Bratz Dolls

-An ipod touch 

-Magic Tree House books

– Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears

That was quite the blast to the past!