Get Your Mario Kart Ready!


Lucas Oliveira, Reporter

Are you sick of racing alone? Do you want to prove yourself as the best in the track? Well, you’re in luck, because WBHS is holding a tournament for everyone’s favorite racing game – Mario Kart! A school wide competition will be open for fans of Mario and racing alike can come together and fight for the title of champion.

The tournament will tentatively run from October 26 to October 29. It will start off with players being sorted into groups of four. Each day, any players left in the winner’s dust will be eliminated from the competition. 

For Tuesday-Thursday; each group will run four rounds.

Map 1: Cloudtop Special Cup

Map 2: Bone Dry Dunes Special Cup

Map 3: Bowser’s Castle Special Cup

Map 4: Rainbow Road Special Cup

For Friday, the first two groups will run four rounds, the last group will run six. 

Map 5: N64 Yoshi Valley Leaf Cup

Map 6: Big Blue Bell Cup

All preliminary and semifinal rounds will be 4 races per match, and the finals will be 6 races per match.

Sign-ups will last throughout the 19th until the 25th. The tournament will be held after school, in Prelim’s 7-103, but the final will be held in the auditorium. A five dollar entry fee is required, any players interested need to bring their own controllers, so sign up as soon as you can and enter the race to be the best! 

The champion will receive a $50 gift card to the school store and a large championship belt worth $200 to go along with it!