All Fun on the Fairway


Nicole Stone, Reporter

      The 2021-2022 West Boca High School boys golf team has had quite a season! While they may not have had the most wins, they certainly have an exceptional time together, while playing a sport they love. Besides being teammates, many of these boys have been good friends for a while now, some of them even going as far back as elementary school!

The boys were super excited with their one win of the season against Atlantic high school whom they beat pretty heftily. One of their most eventful matches of the season was when they played their match against Olympic Heights High School.  During this match the two teams were neck and neck throughout.  The match finally ended with a tie which normally does not happen. While they talked about potentially playing another hole to determine a winner, both teams concluded that a tie would be the final outcome of the match.  

      The members of the boys golf team are: Kasper Shroff (Sophomore), Zach Bennett (Junior), Bryce Clement (Senior), Alexander Stone (Senior), Brandon Sereda (Senior), and Ezequiel Bautista (Senior). Many of these boys have been on the team since their Freshman year at West Boca.  

When asked why Mr. Hanley wanted to coach the WB golf team; he explained “I love golf and enjoy coaching young people.”


Senior Interviews 

There are currently 4 seniors on the team this year. Here’s what some of them had to say when asked about their experiences with golf as well as with being a member of the West Boca Boys Golf Team.


What part of your golf game has improved the most from being a member of the golf team? 

Bryce Clement responded to this question with a huge grin on his face and said, “Really, my biggest improvement is participation.  Really if I just improve my driving, my irons, my wedges, and my putting, I would be a much better golfer than I am, I have to say.” 


What is your favorite part about being on the golf team? 

Ezequiel Bautista laughingly replied, “My favorite part about being on the golf team, I’ll tell you what it is: going out on the first hole, gripping my driver, just walking up with no practice swing, and just feeling my life force drained away when I hit a BEAUTY of a drive, and I’m just content for the rest of the day.” 


What made you want to join the West Boca golf team? 

Brandon Sereda replied with a completely sincere answer of “Honestly just to play with the boys.” 


At what age did you start playing golf? 

Alexander Stone proudly exclaimed, “At the ripe old age of 14 is when I started playing golf.” 


      After interviewing these seniors on the golf team, it is more than clear that they love joking around. Many of them agree that one of the main reasons they joined the team was to spend time with each other. 


WB boys golf record: 

So far, they have had 7 matches, and they are 1-5-1, meaning 1 win, 5 losses, and 1 tie.